Ek Tha Restaurant | The Humor Beings

What happens when two Jats, Bunty & Titu go to a fine dining restaurant for the first time.

Written & Directed By: Nitin Gupta(Rivaldo)
Co-written by: Aakash Gupta.
DOP: Purushottam Choudhry, Rakesh, Vipin Chaudhry
Music Arranged By: Nitin Gupta
Additional Music: Pushpi
Edited By: Mukesh Chandi
Posters by: Ritesh Singh
Produced By: Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo)

Aakash Gupta as Titu
Piyush Kumar as Bunty
Nitin Gupta as Waitor
Rahul Tewari as Manager
Jatin Badolia as Bouncer
Nitin Mandal as Bouncer-2

Location Courtesy: Agraffe, Faridabad.

Category: Youtubers