Drop | Dev Haravla

A film on a very old subject, “Water.” But as much time this subject will exist … “Life will exist”.
It’s our responsibility to preserve “Water” and use every “DROP” of water carefully. Because some might enjoy abundant supply of water but on other hand on same planet there are many who are deprive for even a single “Drop” of water.

Written and Directed by : Laxman Godade
Music and Sound : Nakul Pardeshi
Cast : Saurabh Deshpande, Shanti Patel, Manda Patil, Savita Rajput, Anthony D’silva, Avinash Mahajan, Sampras Shirodkar, Namdev Joshi
Director of Photography : Laxman Godade
Cinematographer : Akshita Patil, Ruchi Varpe, Vinod Patil
Editor : Laxman Godade
Last narration written by : Saurabh Deshpande
Voice Over : Nakul Pardeshi
VFX : Kalpesh Relkar
Still Photography : Vinod Patil
Casting and Location : Vinod Patil
Thanks to : Ashray Goyal, Vaibhav Gavankar, Pranav Vernekare.