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Stop This Right Now. Shame on every guy who indulges in eve-teasing. This film will make every man sit up and think about this evil of our society. #socialawareness #stopeveteasing #respectwomen #socialissue #drunk #stalking #raiseyourvoice

An social awareness short film which frames an issue of eve teasing. A girl is heading towards her home, where she is been surrounded by couple of boys, and there comes is shocking twist.

We live in a country where our women are stared at every day. Crimes against women in India, increased by a whopping 26.7 % last year, say official government records. This speaks volumes about how unsafe the country is for women. This video brings up the sensitive issue of eve teasing and shows how some men realise the seriousness of eve-teasing only when one of their own becomes a victim.

Cast & Crew: Presented by: Arshh Films Director: KHALIL HEREKAR Music / Sound: PARESH SHAH Editor: ABHISHEK/ MANJIT Cinematographer: RAJIV ASROTIA Cast: Ajay Padhye,Dipti Potdar,Rasikraaj