Woman Sprays BREAST MILK Over Her Colleagues to End Dull Meeting | Lillian Peterson

Shocking footage has caught the moment a female businesswoman took drastic action to bring a dull meeting to an end by squirting breast milk at her colleagues. At the start of the clip, shot in a large office, the woman is seen arguing with several men in front of her as she adjusts her top. She then exposes her breast and begins squirting milk out.

For the first few seconds the men around her are oblivious to what’s happening.

Then one moves backwards and pulls his laptop out of the way while another tries to cover up the woman’s breast with his hand.

The woman, clearly very upset, continues to shout and pump milk out.
The man trying to cover her up resignedly moves his hand away after a few moments and shakes off milk that’s landed on it.

He then picks up a microphone and makes an announcement.
The video, reportedly shot in Ukraine, was uploaded to Reddit, where one user claimed that the woman said: ‘I can’t take no more, I want to go home. Declare a break!’
Another said that one business person had claimed they’d been waiting for 14 hours, the Daily Star reported.

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