Kids Chased Molester On Delhi Streets | SANJIV RAO

Delhi is not new to being shamed time and again for broad daylight killings, robberies, rapes, gangrapes, murder mysteries, hit and run, etc. But sometimes, shockers like this one leaves hope lingering in the hearts of Delhiites.

On the evening of August 19, 2015 another incident of molestation shamed Delhi. A local guy stalking an Uzbek national woman and later molesting her at a lonely corner was caught on CCTV footage.

Upon hearing her cries for help, few kids playing football in the nearby park, came running for help. Seeing the molester running away, they chased him down the lane, caught him and dragged him back to the place of incident.

The kids playing, for local football team calls themselves MNM, the Malviya Nagar Maniacs, did a brave act by detaining the guy who molested the woman.

How often do you find someone helping in this need of hour? For some this incident might be shocking, but for me the evidence that the CCTV cameras installed around Malviya Nagar, South Delhi, seemed to be perfectly in working conditions was the biggest shocker!

I wonder who should be thanked for this, the company… or Delhi government. Moving one; watch this CCTV video of the entire incident, here.

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