Faqr Hai | Postpickle

As India Celebrates it’s 67th Republic Day, Postpickle has something for you to reflect. This Jihadi was selected to drop a bomb in India. What happens next will pinch you in the centre of your chest. Watch “Faqr Hai” to know why. #FaqrHai

Production – Post Pickle

Director – Divyansh Pandit
Written By – Vikas Sharma
Cast – Mithilesh Chaturvedi, Anil Mange, Prashant Murty, Nishant Kapoor, Sonu Singh
DOP – Sarfraz Khan
Associate DOP – Ahmed Hussain
Assistant Cinematographers – Prashant Murty, Nishant Kapoor
Technical Support – Shyam S. Mandal
Editor – Sundar Pathuri
Associate Editor – Milind Ratnakar
Assistant Director – Shubhankar Jadhav
Art Director – Swami
DI – Uday Jawkar (The FX factory)
Music – Ankit Shah
Sound Design – Kailash Singh
VFX – Debdoot Ghosh (Beyond View Studio)
Production Manager – Mehmood Majid Khan
Production Co-ordinator – Tushar Wadel
Office Help – Sanjay Pachkale