Sikkim In A Blur | Auditya Venkatesh

Why do we travel?
Is it to discover who we truly are?
To forget ourselves?
To realise how far we’ve come?
To make new friends?
To be humbled?
To eat what they eat, drink what they drink, sleep where they sleep and to realise we’re so similar, yet so different.
To enjoy the little things in life. Like the clear blue skies and a sleep beneath the stars.
To go where your cellphone GPS ceases to function and your inner compass takes over.
That’s when you realise the difference between a traveller and a tourist.
Whatever it is that I look for as a traveler, I found a little part of my country that has it all. From the cold winds, to the warm smiles.
This is Sikkim. And I show it you in a blur!

Words Courtesy, my brother Tejas.

-Auditya Venkatesh

Sikkim, India

Category: Adorable